tubular fittings

with flush connectors

Ø 40 mm

Connectors and tubing: Aluminium

Pre-assembled uprights and handrails


The ultimate in comfort, safety and quality

Our XT style tubular fittings meet the highest standards in terms of comfort and aesthetics. This aluminium tubular fitting system is characterized by flush and custom-fit transitions between the connectors and pipes. It fulfils the safety requirements of DIN EN ISO 14122‑3.

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Application examples

Uprights as modules.

The uprights of the XT design tubular fitting system are pre-assembled in the factory, making it easier for you to handle them and ensuring quick and trouble-free installation of your railing on-site.

Especially where high-market demands prevail

the XT design tubular fittings system offers a host of possibilities for machines and plants, stairs, platforms, and gangways.

Experience & confidence

The printing press manufacturer Heidelberg has placed its trust for years in the high quality and reliable design of this railing.